Please Wait a Moment
Sunday School
The Christian Faith & Life Committee and our Sunday School staff have already been at work preparing for a new year of learning and fun! We are changing curriculum this year to Sparkhouse, a division of Augsburg Fortress that also publishes the Spark Bibles we’ve been using with learners over the past few years. We’re adapting their rotation model, which uses a number of “workshops” to experience each Bible story in a unique way. Some of the workshops include: Bible Skills & Games, Creative Drama, Art, Cooking, Science and Music. Each story will be taught two weeks in a row, but using different workshops. I’m thankful that our wonderful teachers are so flexible and open to this new model!
Since regular attendance can often be a challenge, this model will also help ensure our learners get a chance to hear the story at least once. It also helps us to be better stewards of our resources – there will be less wasted curriculum.
Another aspect we’re excited about is the opportunity for lots of Emanuelites to become involved in sharing the faith. Maybe you never seriously considered being a “Sunday School Teacher”, or maybe a year long commitment was too much for you. But here is an opportunity for our artists, cooks and science geeks to share a Bible story using their passion and gifts with a group of kids! Would you consider spending just 2 weeks doing what you love and getting to know our young people at the same time?
We also will be using “shepherds” with this model. These are adults or high schoolers who accompany the learners and serve as mentors and an extra pair of hands in the classroom. Again, the commitment can be 2 weeks or a month at a time. We will be asking parents to commit to this, but it’s also a great opportunity for older members to make connections with our youngest members!
Holly Bruni has taken on the scheduling details. The sooner she knows of your availability, the better. PLEASE SPEAK TO CATHY OR HELAYNE if you are the least bit intrigued – and I hope and pray you are! We are excited for the possibilities for learning and building relationships using this new model for our Sunday School!