Our Beliefs

As Christians, we believe that:

  • God is the Creator of all things and we are children of God.
  • In God’s great love for us God sent Jesus, God’s son, to dwell among God’s people and to redeem us from sin.
  • Through Jesus’ death and resurrection we have been granted the gift of everlasting life.
  • Christ lives among us today by the power of God’s Holy Spirit through the proclamation of God’s word and through the sacraments.
  • Christ calls us to be witnesses to the Gospel and to bring hope to the world by serving others in word and deed, including working for justice.


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As Lutheran Christians, we accept the teachings of Martin Luther, a 16th century Reformer of the church. The basic theological teachings of Luther are::

  • Grace alone — we are saved by God’s boundless grace alone, not by anything we do or can earn.
  • Faith alone — our salvation is by faith, a confident trust in God’s steadfast love and abundant grace that through Jesus Christ we have forgiveness, life, and salvation.
  • Word alone — the Bible is the standard by which teachings and doctrines are to be judged.


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